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World-renowned Montessori education with a bilingual learning programme in one place.

We are a small preschool with an individualised approach to each child..

We are an experienced team of administrators, teachers and native speakers..

We are located in a charming, historic building with a family atmosphere..

English Montessori Preschool is a special place. We are located in a quiet location South of the city centre. Our beautiful classrooms and large garden together with the family atmosphere at our small preschool mean that our children feel like the preschool is their second home. We have an authentic Montessori programme which ensures an individualised learning track for each child together with bilingual education in English. Our children develop bilingualism naturally through daily interaction with our full-time native speaker teachers. We invite you to book a visit to our preschool using the booking form below to learn more about how our preschool can benefit your child.

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