About Montessori

The internationally renowned Montessori method is the largest alternative pedagogy in the world.  It is a scientifically based and researched method of teaching and learning.  It ensures the child's optimal learning and overall development, working with the child's natural tendencies and curiosity rather than against them.  The approach capitalizes on children's instrinsic desire to learn about the world around them and provides a beautifully structured currriculm.


Children are taught in mixed age classrooms meaning that younger children have role models to follow and older children develop leadership skills.  The group of children differentiated by age  leads to a strong sense of community with the focus on co-operation rather than competition.   In the classroom, areas of learning are organised to form a child-centred educational environment which promotes concentration skills and uninterrupted learning periods.

Children learn through interaction with a wide variety of beautifully crafted educational materials. The materials allow for self-paced learning and provide a series of learning tasks designed to meet each child’s needs at each moment in their unique developmental path.


'Montessori children tend to do better academically, and, even more important, have more developed executive function.  They also tend to be more creative and to feel strong social connections than their conventionally schooled peers.'  Angeline Stoll Lillard, PhD., Professor of Psychology, University of Virginia

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