About Us

We are an authentic Montessori preschool focused on the natural development of bilingualism in children through daily contact with native speakers and a strong English language profile. 


Our high fidelity Montessori programme is run according to best practice principles of Montessori education.  Our classrooms are beautiful learning spaces for children to learn and develop in and have the full range of Montessori materials.  Our teachers are trained in year-long Montessori courses run by the Polish Montessori Institute and we are also a teacher training practice centre.  


Our children develop English language skills naturally in day-to-day interaction with their native speaker teachers as well as interaction in English with their Polish teachers to ensure maximum exposure to the English language.  Children quickly pick up politeness phrases in English, such as, please, thank you, hello, goodbye, etc. and then gradually develop their fluency in English over the 3 or 4 years of the preschool programme.  Children also learn to read and write in English.


We are located in a beautiful building with a large garden.  Our preschool has a home-like atmosphere and children feel very safe and comfortable in our environment.  Children spend lots of time in our garden - they go outside every day and twice a day when the weather is pleasant.  We are based in a quiet location South of the city centre in the Piotrowice district of Katowice and close to a forest.


We are an experienced team of Montessori educators and administrators.  The preschool is currently in its 9th year of operation.


Having completed our bilingual Montessori preschool programme, children can continue their education in our sister establishment - English Montessori School.  The primary school site is based in Gallusa Street 10 in the Brynów district of Katowice and provides bililngual Montessori education at the school level from grades 1 to 8.  


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