Enrollment process

Enrollment process

Thank you for your interest in English Montessori Preschool.  We love to meet new families and talk about what the preschool has to offer.  Each application is carefully considered to find the best match between the child, their family and the preschool.

We aim to have an equal balance of age groups and genders in our classes. We also aim to keep as high a proportion as possible of children who have been in a Montessori educational learning environment from the recommended age of three years old.

We give priority consideration to siblings of enrolled children, children of alumni families and to children of our faculty and staff.


Initial contact

Many enquiries begin with an initial phonecall or email.  Another option is to book a visit using the internet booking system at the bottom of the page.  We also run open days on occasional Saturday mornings for you to come and visit us.  Keep up to date about open days by following the events section on our Facebook page.


Observing a class at work

A bilingual Montessori classroom looks very different to a monolingual conventional programme.  We encourage interested parents to observe in one of our classrooms one morning to see for themselves how the Montessori method looks in practice and how the English language is used by the children and teachers.  After the observation, we will discuss your impressions with you.  You should come for the observation without your child.


Information meeting

The information meeting for interested parents provides an important opportunity to consider the matter of ‘good fit’ between the parents and the preschool.  It provides a basic information package about Montessori and bilingualism on which to base your decision whether we are potentially the right preschool for your child.


Adaptation period

After both parents have observed the classroom and attended an information meeting and when a place for your child becomes available, we invite your child for a two week adaptation period.  This gives the parents and the teachers the opportunity to see how the child responds to the Montessori environment.  On successful completion of the adaptation period, the family is offered a full contract for a place at English Montessori Preschool for their child.




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