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Tuition fees

English Montessori Preschool is privately run and charges tuition fees for the services provided.  Our tuition fees our comparable to tuition fees at other high quality preschools in Katowice and include 7 contact hours per day with a Polish early education and Montessori teacher as well as a native speaker teacher.  We do not guarantee the presence of a native speaker teacher during the holiday months of July and August.


The tuition fee is an annual fee which can be paid in one payment for the whole school year in advance, two payments (one for each semester) or twelve monthly payments.


There is a discount of 20% on the total fee in the case of siblings.  If the parent pays for the whole year in advance, there is a 5% discount and a 3% discount in the case of payment per semester.


The tuition fees include 3 meals per day: morning snack, a two-course hot dinner and an afternoon snack as well as gymnastics classes once per week and child accident insurance.

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