Montessori resources for parents

For an in-depth information about how to follow a Montessori approach to parenting your child, we highly recommend the 5 week on-line parenting course offered by the Montessori Family Alliance: Parenting Puzzle: 2nd Edition | Montessori Foundation | MFA | IMC.  ‘Over the course of five weeks, (the course) provides strategies and practical examples that you can use right away to bring peace and ease into your home, creating a haven for the whole family where power struggles fall away and give rise to joy.’
For a summary of how to implement the Montessori approach in your home with your child, we recommend the book ‘How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way’ by Tim Seldin, available from 
For tips on arranging your home and your child’s bedroom based on Montessori, have a look at the Polish website
Another useful website is, created by the Montessori Administrators to provide useful information for parents about the Montessori method.
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